Friday, November 27, 2009

Conversations with Clay

"Happy Holidays" from the old movie, Holiday Inn, came on when we were in Subway.

Clay starts grumbling about having to listen to it, because it reminds him of when I used to force him to listen to John Travolta.

I stare at him like he's grown another head.

Me: What are you talking about?!
Clay: You used to play John Travolta over and over.
Me: WHAT? I can't even tell you the name of one single John Travolta song.
Clay: We're listening to one right now!
Me: That's Bing Crosby.
Clay: No it's not. It's John Travolta!
Me: The guy who played the mom in Hair Spray?
Clay:, not him.

He meant Frank Sinatra. We then had an argument about if it was Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra singing "Happy Holidays."

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How Rumors Get Started

Corinn: I think we should get rid of the dogs.
Me: We can give them to Micah. He likes dogs.
Clay: Micah eats dogs?!
Corinn: Yeah, they're his favorite.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Reject Apathy

From Switchfoot, Reject Apathy, Relevant Magazine, and ONE

Bizarre Day at Coventry

Yesterday was just bizarre at Coventry, or at least, the morning was. It was still good, and I was greatly blessed, but it was bizarre. I kept wondering if it was a full moon.

It was announced that it was Melissa's last day and we would have cake after lunch to celebrate. Melissa is excited about her new adventure, so we were celebrating. But, Melissa has been such a wonderful light in my life that the tears were flowing first thing. So glad I didn't wear makeup.

Then, during the first session I looked up from my spot in glazing to see Sneaky Pete go stiff in his chair at the clay table. Thankfully he went down slowly and three people were there immediately to keep him from hurting himself. That made me cry and pray. It stressed me to see him like that and it stressed me to see the other Stars alarmed. Nick wanted someone to pray and I suggested he pray to himself (like in his head). He said he didn't know how to do that, so I said there was nothing wrong with praying out loud, so he did. It isn't something he does easily and it was beautiful. He also got to turn the ceiling fans on to help cool down SP, which thrilled him to no end. He LOVES ceiling fans. Sneaky Pete rested for a bit and was covered in prayers. Before long he was going strong again.

Then, we had a senior citizen group of about 19 come to visit. They watched a short video, broke into smaller groups and took tours. We often have people visiting, just not so many at a time. Before they left all the septic lines decided to clog! The icemaker drain backed up and started flooding the kitchen at lunch time. And not just a little water. The toilets couldn't be flushed. Someone announced it was time to practice bladder control. But our male visitors were thrilled to have a problem to try to solve. They seemed pleased at punch while trying to help. We told them we didn't usually put our visitors to work when they came. They just grinned.

At circle time, Melissa was our focus. The Stars took turns telling her what she meant to them. It was beautiful. They wanted to hug her and pray for her. Lots of tears were shed. Once again, I was glad I didn't have makeup on. It helps to know that Melissa is making a move she feels God is leading her to make and she is very calm and excited. I must say I would be excited about moving to a beach town myself. Melissa is a wonderful teacher. She is patient and moves with determined purpose. I love that about her. And, man, am I going to miss her.

The Roto-Rooter guy came. He was new and had never worked on a septic system before. Someone talked him through it and a cheer went up at the announcement that toilets could once again be flushed.

So, we made it through the different day. Laughter and love prevailed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TOMS Holiday Catalog Makes Me Happy

Some of you know that I get plum giddy over TOMS Shoes. Really, I smile just thinking about them. And it isn't just the shoes that make me that way. Yes, they are amazingly comfortable and cute, but it is the mission and concept of the company that make me happy. Wasn't there a real corny cheer once that had H-A-P-P-Y in it somewhere? Sorry, I digress.

Back to the company. If I were young, single, and intelligent I would do everything in my power to work for them. Maybe if I were just young and intelligent I would do everything in my power to work for them. Being none of those things, I will do everything in my power to get the word out about the company.

So, back to being giddy. My TOMS Holiday catalog came yesterday and, as usual, it is just delightful. And my favorite thing, besides the black glitter shoes on page 6 and the Cordones on page 12 and the poem on page 22, is on the back cover.

There you will find TOMS Gift Pack for $50. It is COOL BEANS!
Included is a TOMS $50 gift card, a For Tomorrow DVD (it is wonderful) and a Limited Edition Poster. Plus, of course, you will be giving someone in need a pair of shoes.

If you have someone in your life that prefers their gifts to give a little more this would be perfect for them. And you would be helping get the word out. And that makes me H-A-P-P-Y!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Conversations with My Children

Me: Stop harassing me!
Clay: Be thankful I'm harassing you. At least I'm paying attention to you!

Me: How's Matt?
Aaron: Good

Me: How's Brad?
Aaron: Good

Me: How's Crystal
Aaron: Good

Callie: OH MY GOSH! Clay has those glasses! (Looking at the cover of Rolling Stone)
Me: Don't you know who that is?
Callie: It's Bono.
Me: And he gave the glasses to Clay.
Callie: I know!
Me: Then why are you surprised to see them on Bono?
(And yes, I know he has many pairs of those glasses.)
Callie: I don't know.

Callie: Are we going to the Smith's tonight?
Me: No, we're going Saturday night.
Callie: Are we going to the wedding?
Me: No, we're going to the Smith's!
Callie: Are we going to the Smith's tonight?
Me: NO!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wandering In The Wide Blue Yonder

So I find myself in the Atlanta airport waiting for a flight to Philadelphia. It is extremely dreary. When the planes take off they immediately disappear in the clouds. Just sucks them up. There were over twenty planes lined up waiting to take off. I'm glad The City of Brotherly Love is my last stop as long as flying goes. I don't have to worry about catching a connecting flight, just a shuttle to my hotel and I'm not too worried about that.

The flight here was wonderful. Smooth all the way. I had the row all to myself and I took full advantage of it. I even slept. That's something I rarely do on planes. I can never get comfortable enough. I doubt this next leg will be as empty. Oh well, one out of two isn't bad. I'm hoping there is room for my carry-on. I'm in the last boarding zone. We do have free wi-fi on the flight. YEA!

The flight isn't full! I have a row all to myself! Once again I am spread across all the seats. I'm usually on rides that have so many people we are sitting on top of each other.

It has been nice to have free wi-fi on the plane. I've been about to get some work done. And, this has nothing to do with wi-fi, but Delta also has Coke Zero! I did a little happy dance in my head.

People watching is my favorite thing to do in airports, but Atlanta was a little boring in that area. The strangest thing I saw was a really tall guy dressed in black western clothes, boots, hat and pulling a case painted to look like a holstein hide. Oh, and he had long brown hair. See, pretty tame on the weirdness scale. Maybe Philly will be different.

We've moved away from the clouds and the ground is getting closer. I'll pack it up for now.

P.S. Spell Check doesn't like the word "holstein".

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quote from "Cause Celeb"

"When I looked at the body of the boy lying in front of her, useless and dead, I can remember thinking that it was stupid that he had died of starvation. It seemed stupid that all that grief happened, not because of some sudden accident or unavoidable illness but because that boy had no food, when there was so much food in the world."
Character of Rosie Richardson in Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding.

Encourage your leaders to put your government's commitments to foreign aid into SMART Aid. A way to do this is by joining ONE.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Loved This!

Kristin, from This is Kristin had this on her blog. It made me smile! Thanks Kristin!

Feed My Starving Children

Loved this from the ONE blog:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh God, I feel so selfish in my pain

How do I feel great excitement on one hand and also feel great loss?

How does my mind and spirit untangle these emotions of healing and moving forward, which brings great joy, from the tears and heartache of saying goodbye to something that brought great joy?

How can I be exuberantly happy about love blooming and growing, because I am, and yet experience waves of sorrow washing over me from the loss of what was.

I feel selfish in my pain, as if my pain overrides the joy for the progress of moving forward. A moving forward that is soothing, beautiful, and needed.

I know in my mind that this is good, yet I long so greatly for the past which can never return. And would not want to return if given the option.

Oh God, give me the eyes to see the beauty of now. Give me the heart to embrace it with no reserves. Help me remember the joy of the past and not weep.

Take away the selfishness of my pain.

ONE Sabbath

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One of Those Conversations...

You ever have one of those conversations that just leaves you scratching your head, wondering if you have lost your sanity or are losing it?

Someone asked me recently when my French friends were coming in. I said Guy and his niece, Celine, would be in on Monday and Etienne would be in on Thursday.

"They're not coming together?"

"They don't know each other."

"Yes they do." Now, that statement would have made sense if the person making the statement knew Guy, Celine, or Etienne, but that is not the case.

"No, they don't."

"Yes, they DO." Again, this person does not know any of my French friends. The person knows about them to a certain degree, but it is a very little degree.

At this point, I'm just staring in disbelief. I think, or maybe I was yelling. I don't think I was yelling out loud. It could have just been in my head. I hope it was just in my head. I like to think I was just staring.

"Etienne is Mathilde and Pauline's brother."

"Yes, I know!" Mathilde and Pauline are our French Chicks from last summer.

"And their dad is Guy's doctor."

"I know that, but Guy and Etienne don't know each other and Celine doesn't know Etienne."

"They live in the same town!" They live in Marseille, which really can't be considered a town. It's more like a city of 1,605,000 people.

"That doesn't mean they know each other!"

"Well, in Texas they'd be considered related!"

I don't know about you, but I don't know any of my doctor's children and I'm pretty doggone sure none of my doctors know any of my nieces or nephews. I'm just saying.

Now, after the next few weeks, Guy, Celine, and Etienne will know each other. They are making the trip to Texas just to meet. I'm kidding. They're coming to get related so they can be true Texans, where, apparently, one is automatically kin to their doctor and his/her family.

Even though I've grown up in Texas I didn't know this rule. I will have to fill in my doctors the next time I go in. Do I have to be related to my kid's doctors too? Can anyone clue me in about this rule?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Squeaky Stairs

Our house was built in the early '70s, and in this city that makes it old, but I love it. We have gigantic trees and we have gigantic squeaks going on upstairs. Most people, including my husband, find these types of squeaks annoying. But, for some reason, I find them comforting. They make me feel connected to my kids before I even see them in the morning. I know they're awake and moving around. I can tell which kid is which. They're not sneakers, but they couldn't be if they tried. The stairs and hallway would give them up. Believe me, Phil and I have tried to sneak upstairs to deliver birthday morning gifts to their bedrooms and the stairs and hallway snitch on us every time.

I find squeaks in cars a real pain, but I'm very positive about the squeaks in my house. Unless it's a mouse squeaking and if that happened, believe me, I would not be positive. I would be positively screaming. Those nasty little creatures...oh wait, I'm suppose to be being positive.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Visitor

We have a new visitor to our creek. I'm calling it a "he". Don't know why, just am. He is a beautiful Great Blue Heron and for some reason he has taken a liking to our neck of the woods. We actually live in the middle of a city, but...anyway. Something tells me it is the quiet park and a creek full of snakes, turtles, and fish.

He just finished sunning his wings. They were all spread all out while he faced the rising sun. It was almost like he was meditating. He just stood there looking completely relaxed soaking up the warmth.

When he gets agitated the long black feathers on the top of his head stick straight up and he puffs out all the rest of his feathers. That happened right after the Mallard drake almost took his head off while coming in for a landing.

The other day he was talking like crazy. I don't know what he was saying. I don't speak heron, but he was telling some kind of story or letting off steam. He was on a roll.

I would love it if another one came along and we had baby herons. Wouldn't that be a hoot to watch? I love watching baby anythings.

I need to read up on them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


1 Shirt + 2 Bears = 3 lives changed

The Movement:

Bear Hug is about getting involved in service. Each shirt comes with two stuffed bears. You get involved by taking your bear to someone who is hurting. That someone can be in a children’s hospital, homeless shelter, orphanage…wherever you see a need. When you share the bear you share yourself as you listen and bring encouragement. Each bear comes with a tag where you can write a note that will serve as a reminder of your care. The other bear will be delivered by Two-Five to an organization that meets the needs of hurting people.

When you wear your shirt you become a voice. You can share the stories of the people that you have encountered and how others can be involved. “Bear Hug” will give you a new perspective. Our goal is for this generation to become less focused on self and more focused on the needs around us.

Get Involved Now:

Go online to and purchase a Bear Hug Shirt. Discount orders for groups can be made by email at or by calling 469-282-2525.

-Wear the shirt every Wednesday during May, June, July and August

-Give people “bear hugs”. Talk about the movement and how to be involved.

-Give away your bear. If possible, don’t let it be a one time event. Be a consistent presence in that person’s life.

-Share your “bear hug” story with your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

-Share your “bear hug” story with Two-Five. You can send “bear hug” pictures and stories to 25’s Myspace, Facebook, and Community page on the website.

-Make a “bear hug” commercial and post it on YouTube. We need your help to spread the word!

This is about more than just a bear. This is about spreading love, joy, and hope to people in need. Children who are in the middle of a long battle with illness, teenagers who have been abandoned and feel they have no place to turn, parents who have lost everything and wish they could provide something to bring a smile to their child’s face…these stories and more like it represent our mission.

We can choose to ignore it or we can choose to get involved. “Bear Hug” seeks to unite people who are in need with people who can help. Use the bear as bridge to be involved in a hurting person’s life.

Will You… 

Choose to see the need?

Choose to become involved?

Choose to listen?

Choose to be a voice?

Choose to change a life?

Be Two-Five?

Give A Bear Hug!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Day is Made!

I am SO excited. As you can see from my last post, I was running low on coffee, so while at my local grocery store (Kroger) I decided to look for some fair trade coffee. I didn't think I would have any luck, but guess what?

Celestial Seasonings now has fair trade coffee! In Kroger! Right next to the other coffees! YES!

Oh Happy Day!

I don't know if y'all can tell, but this has made me giddy!

To find out more about fair trade, click here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Joy is...

finding that you have coffee when you thought you were out.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Faceless International - Be The Change

Faceless International is up for an Impact Award!

"If we get the most votes between now and April 1 – we will have enough money to build a much needed school in Southern India – and be able to send teams there to help the locals with the construction! This area of India is in a tough location – they were hit by the tsunami a few years ago, and it is an area where human trafficking is very prevalent." Lori Lenz (my friend and board member)

Those of you that have a Myspace account make your vote count now.

Slavery is not something I have ever been able to wrap my head around. I don't understand how anyone could ever think it was or is okay. Even as a child it freaked me out. Of course, as a child I only knew about the slavery of the past. It wasn't until I witnessed it with my own eyes that I realized the horror continued and was accepted as normal by many people. And my horror grows as I learn that many, many of the items we purchase here in the states are made in whole or part by slaves.

Faceless International has a great website full of detailed information and good links.

So, to quote from one of my favorite movies,

"Here, educate yourself."
Pleakley in Lilo and Stitch

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pacing, Pressure, and Championship Basketball

A few weeks ago I could be found sitting, or actually, pacing at a basketball game. Here are some of my thoughts:

I'm sitting at the Regional II Division I NJCAA Championship game. It's half-time and Eddie's team is down. This game has been proof to me that it's a good thing I'm not my sister. It takes a very special person to be a coach's spouse. I couldn't take the pressure. I can't take the pressure as the sister-in-law! Sarah looked at me at one point and asked if I was okay. I wasn't. I felt green and not in the environmentally friendly way. I don't know any of these girls personally, but right now they might as well be my flesh and blood.

The game continued. I don't think I sat during the second half. The top row was clear and I paced while texting my brother the scores and minutes left. My sister was pacing the balcony isle and Eddie's sister had a corner in the upper level walked out.

The Cowgirls came back from being 25 points behind and it was back and forth and back and forth. They were ahead until the last couple of seconds. The other team sunk a 3 pointer putting them one point ahead. As I was staring at the clock in shock I glanced down just in time to see a Cowgirl make a basket on the buzzer! It was UNREAL! The place went nuts!

I'm so proud of Eddie, even though I have nothing to do with his coaching abilities. And I'm proud of my sister. And I can take credit for that. Every good thing she has ever learned came from me! Hahahaha! I really don't see how she does it. I would be a complete and total basket case during basketball season.

So, congratulations to the Connors State College Cowgirls on their 30-5 season. I'm so happy I was there for that amazing game.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Those Are Cows

We live in a city of 250,000 people. We also live within mooing distance of a farm that often has cattle and sheep and horses and llamas roaming the pastures. It isn't unusual to see a cow here and there on a weekly bases. My parents live on a farm. Cows move about the pastures surrounding them. So do goats, mules, circus ponies, and an occasional camel and elephant, but that's another story.

The point is: Callie has seen cows and sheep before .

So imagine my surprise Sunday as we were driving in Southern Oklahoma up I35, Callie looks out the window and says "Look! They have sheep!"

"Those are cows."

And the thing is they were just plain, ordinary brown, black, red mixtures.

Not pure bred white Charolais with little white fluffy calves running around that might be confused as sheep.

And, for the last couple of hours we had been passing pastures and pastures of cows.

What was it that made her suddenly say that? Why did she make the statement in Oklahoma and not in Texas? Why did she notice the animals there and not before? What was it that made her think they were sheep? Exactly what was going through her head? Will I ever stop being surprised?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Carmel Camels and Green Maggots

After three weeks needing to be away doing other things I was back out at Coventry on Thursday. It was delightful. As much as I love Coventry, I didn't miss it because I was exactly where I needed to be, doing what I needed to do. But, Wednesday I was chompin' at the bit to get there.

I guess being away made it easier to see how some of the Stars have grown over the past three weeks. The growth is subtle and being gone for almost a month made it really stand out to me. Sort of like when you don't notice how much your children have grown until you're away for a week. Not like the times they shoot up over night and you realize the shoes you just purchased for them last week will no longer fit.

It still amazes me how much they love and watch out for each other. They know what everyone is working on, such as focusing or sitting up straight in their wheel chair or strengthening the right side of their body and brain. Stuff like that. So they do a good job of gently reminding and cheering each other on. It is beautiful to watch.

Yesterday I hung out in glazing which was new for me. The staff is trying out new things, so everyone had different assignments and station arrangements. I loved being in glazing, but then again, I love anything I do out there. We renamed two of the glazes. One was Oriental Carmel. I thought it said Oriental Camel, which to me made more sense than Oriental Carmel. But, by the end of the day I was calling it Carmel Camel. Then there was Green Agate. Nelda accidentally called it Green Maggot. And it was all over. That is what it will be from now on.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I dream about running. I love the thought of running. I think running is romantic. I don't know why.

My brother coaches track, so the other day I asked him what to do about shin splints. I've battled them forever. He was so sweet and told me I need to lose weight. I just LOVE him. He also suggested that I might be running flat footed.

I knew I had a problem in the running flat footed department. I started making a serious concentrated effort to use my whole foot. I'm glad no video cameras are around when I run. Concentrating so hard on my feet placement makes the rest of my body do weird things. People probably think I'm having a seizure or something.

You know how when little kids pretend they're horses and they bob their heads and hold their hands a certain way to prance around? I'm pretty sure that's what I look like at the track which might fly if I were five or a horse.

My right hand curls up and starts making a rocking motion mirroring my right foot. My left arm crosses my body and swings from side to side instead of front to back. And my head bobs up and down. It is lovely!


My shin splints are gone.

I now just have to get used to the stares of astonishment and confusion.

2 Timothy 4:7 This is the only race worth running.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Cloth

Read this blog.

Then buy a shirt or a lot of shirts.

They can do custom bulk orders.

You get the t-shirts you need for your shindig


Lives are changed.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sometimes It Is Nice To Have Something To Hold Over Someone's Head

Today I was attacking emails and phone calls with a vengeance when I was overwhelmed with the desire for a Coke Zero. I would say need, but that isn't true.

It was desire. Pure and simple desire. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

I called my daughter and asked if she and her significant other could bring one home for me. There was no time for me to go get one on my own. She readily agreed to bring me one.

When they walked in Micah tried to make me feel bad about wanting the Coke Zero and was not letting me have it. All it took to get him to hand it over was one simple sentence.

"Do you ever want to go on another date with my daughter?"

The Coke Zero was mine!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Change of Plans

Some days do not go exactly how you plan. And that's okay, because when you're a mom that happens all the time. And you learn that days usually don't go exactly as planned which is fine because that is what you sign up for when you become a mom.

Tuesday as I was working on emails and follow-up calls I got a call saying Haley thought she had the flu. She had fever and couldn't hold her body upright for more than a couple of minutes. The school's clinic was booked solid and she couldn't drive herself to a doc in the box. So, juggling the phone calls, packing my bag, calling my neighbor to tell her what was up, talking to my husband about the next few days, making sure that Aaron could get Rinn to work and pick up Callie since I was taking the van, saying that Micah could come over after work as long as there were others at home with them, and generally covering everything else I could think of, I headed to Waco.

I did have to explain to one pastor that I wasn't breathing hard because of him, but that I was simply out of breath from running around the house. I'm really out of shape.

The drive was wonderful. No sound. Just thoughts bouncing around in my head. There is a lot of room for bouncing in there. I had grabbed necessary items at QT: Coke Zero, Snickers Marathon, and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.

After wiping down everything in her car I took her to a clinic about the size of a phone booth where we had to wait awhile, but were very well cared for, got her medicine, put her to bed, and went to the "ghetto" H.E.B. I don't call it "ghetto", Haley does. When I went to Baylor, it was just the H.E.B. On the grocery list was all the ingredients for my chicken noodle soup and a big can of Lysol.

Haley had a rough night with coughing and my breathing machine was on the blink, so neither of us slept well. We didn't climb out of bed until almost noon. I was able to work from Haley's laptop - after I wiped it down, and got some good phone calls made. Then I trekked across campus to deliver a paper to the science building. I fit right in with my Toms, blue jeans, black T, jean jacket and straight as a bone hair. My big dark sunglasses covered the wrinkles and bags around my eyes. Yep, I looked my dreams!

We've also watched 8 billion episodes of Friends and Big Bang Theory, and the musical, Mamma Mia! Pierce Brosnan needs to avoid singing in public or on film, just as I do.

I think Haley will be mended enough for me to head home tomorrow, if she sleeps well. I've stocked her with Nyquil, new toothbrushes, and tissues. Her temperature seems to be staying down.

Now, back to another episode of Big Bang.

And thank you, Melinda and Micah, for helping out our family during this flu crisis.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beatles, Birthdays, and A Hangin'

Clay and I took a trip last Sunday. It was an hour and fifteen minute trip (one way), but he felt the need to bring six Beatles cds. And that is fine, because I like the Beatles. I'm just not sure we needed all six of the cds. I will say that I've found myself humming a lot of Beatles in the last couple of days.

Our drive took us to Prairieville. Now, I know there a couple of you that think that is a lovely name for a town, but it really isn't. In your mind you are hearing "Prayer REE ville". That ain't how we natives say it. It is pronounced "Prayer VULL". You can always tell when you're talking to a newcomer when they tell you they live in "Prayer REE ville". You have to tell them that they don't live there. They live in "Prayer VULL" and just need to accept that fact.

But none of that has to do with the reason we were there. My Aunt Peggy was honored by her gigantic family with a surprise 75th birthday party. I asked her if she was really surprised and she said she knew something was up because too much stuff was disappearing from her house. The kids and grandkids had tried to sneak out photos and decorations that had to do with her roles as Mother and Grammy.

Aunt Peggy had 9 children. And they have had a slew of children. And now those children are having children. I get so tangled up when I start trying to figure out exactly who belongs where.

Her life has never been easy. She is only three years older than my dad. I imagine she was constantly trying to keep him out of trouble or getting in it with him. He told about a time they went into Mabank and watched a western and came home and decided to hang someone like they did in the movie. It was a huge blessing that the rope they chose was extra long, so when my dad shoved Aunt Peggy off the hay loft she hit the ground before the rope ran out. She also hit the ground right as their mother walked into the barn. Apparently she wasn't very happy with them.

She has buried two sons, a husband, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, and friends. Her road has been very, very rough. Most people would have given up, self destructed, or become so bitter no one would want to be around them. Not Aunt Peggy. She is a light. She always has a smile and a helping hand. Her memory blows me away, but I guess if you are going to have that many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren you better sharp. Not only does she pour her life into her family and extended family (like we lucky nieces, nephews, cousins and such) but she has also worked hard in the nursing field forever and a day.

I don't know exactly which person put together the slide show for the party, but it just about put some of us on the floor. Summer kept laughing at the clothes, because she and her 3 sisters got their hand me downs and she was recognizing outfits. Dreama and I just about lost it when a picture came up of Shane with a almost day-glo orange spray-on-tan. And there was the picture of Wayne with his Fabio hair. There was a lot of laughter mixed with some tears as we watched time pass before us.

The family did a lovely job honoring her. She is a lovely lady with a lot of spunk and sweetness.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Peggy!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Could Explain Some Things

My sister sent me one of those surveys.

Here is her answer to "What was your favorite toy as a child?"
My Baby Alive, who lost the top of her head when I washed her hair and you could see the mechanical stuff move. That made her so much cooler.

My answer to that same question was:
BB Gun
I really don't want to know what my brother's answer would be.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wii can be painful

Clay saved up his money and bought a Wii and I am here to tell you that playing one can be very painful.

After bowling what Aaron figured out to be over 100 frames I could hardly move the next day without wanting to scream. I tried bowling one game against my husband the evening after my 100+ frames and it felt as if my left arm was being pulled from the shoulder socket. My darling kids got a big kick out of me screaming every time it was my turn.

My Coventry pals thought it was a hoot I was so sore from playing a video game. By that day the pain had moved across my chest and it hurt to laugh, so I spent the day grabbing my chest because we laugh A LOT at Coventry.

My soreness is gone. I haven't bowled in awhile. For one, I haven't had time (not that it takes much time to bowl by yourself) and secondly, I am just a tad bit nervous about doing it again.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is Fezzik. He hates to have his picture taken. Phil says it is because dogs don't like having things pointed at them.

Me: I'm not pointing a gun. I'm pointing a camera.
Corinn: You don't like having a camera pointed at you.
Me: That's because I'm fat.
Corinn: Well, he has a bad haircut.

I gave him that haircut. It took me four days and his left front paw and his ears are still not finished. My thumb is still numb from using the scissors and I stopped cutting on Tuesday!

He was also stressed out for a couple of days about having all his hair cut off. He kept growling at the other dogs when they would come near him. But, he was sticking to me like glue, which was weird due to the fact I had the scissors that he hates so much.

Fezzik Pontchartrain fits in our family well. He is crazy like the rest of us.

If you can't tell, he is a Chocolate Standard Poodle. And we don't do foo-foo around our house, so he is a very masculine poodle.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

I don't go shopping much. A jog to Target here and many jogs to Kroger there, but almost no casual shopping - ever. So, when my little sister came down to the big city last Saturday we hit some stores. I liked the cinnamon roll Sarah bought me at IKEA the best. Aimeelouhoo had to buy some pumps and would you believe that in their little bitty Oklahoma town there is not one place to buy pumps? Cowboy boots, yes - pumps, no.

Sarah found the perfect shoe. That was the problem. There was only one. Even Aimeelouhoo's boyfriend was put to work searching for the other one. No luck. I did find one that sort of matched. It was also a left shoe. I told her no one would notice that she was wearing two left shoes. She didn't go for it.

We apparently spent too much time in the shoe area of Ross, because RinneyRoo and I had too much fun taking these pictures.

I encourage the three people that read this blog to vote for the shoes they feel deserve the title: "Ugliest Pair of Shoes Found On 1/24/09"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fine Feathered Frenzy

I'm disappointed the Ravens are not headed for the Superbowl. Not because I like the Ravens or have an emotional connection with them or even know one player on their team. I wanted a Birdbowl, a Fowlbowl, a Fine Feathered Frenzy, a Battle of the Beaks, a Pecking Order Finale, etc. and so on.

I'm extremely tired. Can you tell?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Arizona On My Mind

On New Year's Eve a couple of my friends and I took leave of our senses and climbed into a 15 passenger with two bands and a sound guy and took off for Arizona.

Thankfully, the bands were wonderfully sweet and funny. I knew I was in trouble when I met In Dependence and within seconds I was laughing my head off. I told my family that my jaws were going to hurt after the trip. The group hails from Puerto Rico and because of the craziness of Texas weather they got to experience our cold snaps and missed the good weather. They came just in time for freezing temperatures and then left for Phoenix. While we were there Texas' weather was warm. On Saturday is was in the 80's. They got back in time for it to be in the 30's. They had never seen their breath before. It was really funny. And the drive across Texas, New Mexico, and into Arizona had to be the longest they were ever in a car.

We picked up The J. Walkers in Alvarado. The two bands didn't know each other, but they bonded in about half a second. This was The J. Walkers first road trip as a band and some of them (I won't name names) were whiny buckets before we even got to El Paso. We old timers slapped them around a little and they shaped up. They brought along a frisbee and at every stop jumped out and started a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Now, the boys of In Dependence are Ultimate Frisbee addicts. The J. Walkers are to blame for this.

You haven't truly lived until you've ridden for many, many hours with eight young men singing pop songs at the top of their lungs. I have it recorded. I'm saving it for blackmail material.

We ran into a drug infested gas station between Odessa and El Paso. That shook up everyone. In Sierra Blanca the curator of the town's museum asked for an autographed poster and cd.

Flying back early for a wedding removed me from the return van ride. Thank goodness! I've seen some of the video from The J. Walkers site.

It was hard to send In Dependence back to Puerto Rico. I do know they were excited to get home. Their New Year's Eve was spent driving around in El Paso - lost - with people they barely knew. They usually celebrate surrounded by family.

Both bands impressed me as musicians and as people.

Or, at least until I watched that video.