Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Fine Day

I'm so glad no one could see the craziness going on in my closet and bathroom today.

My usual attire is whatever I happen to throw on whenever I get around to it. Today I had a meeting and I actually put some thought into what I was going to wear. Thought I had it all planned out. I don't own a lot of clothes that can be seen out in public, so I do sometimes have to think about what I'm going to cover myself in.

So, when I walked into the closet and pulled the purple blouse off the pole. It was dirty. Why did I hang up a dirty blouse? I have no idea. Who knows? I was probably asleep when I did it.

Remember I said I don't have a lot of clothes that can be seen out in public? I really don't. Panic sort of started to sink in.

I grabbed a black shirt that would work with a jacket (which is always fun to wear in high humidity), but not by itself. I grabbed my orange blazer from Salvation Army. What in the world was I thinking? I looked like I was ready for Halloween. And I remembered the shoes that go with the pants are brown, so the black shirt really wouldn't work even if I changed jackets. Now real panic started to sink in and I started to feel like Michelle Pheiffer's character in One Fine Day when she is forced to wear her son's dinosaur shirt she pulls out of her purse. I begin to wonder which child's room I could raid for a shirt.

Before I could decide which one to rob I spied a t-shirt I planned to give away and threw it on. It was beyond wrinkled. Thankfully I had wrinkle remover on hand. It works if you spray in all over the shirt while it's on your body and then you just stretch it out. I'm pretty sure that's not what they had in mind when they created it, but by golly, that's how I used it. Then I threw the orange jacket on because I didn't spray the back of the shirt.

Feeling pretty good about my ensemble I marched out the door 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

Only to find there was no car.