Saturday, April 7, 2012

Help children in poverty and get a free t-shirt

Malaria is a nasty thing to deal with.  Two friends have ended up in the hospital years after getting it.  It just keeps giving if it doesn't kill you first.  A child dies of malaria every 30 seconds even though it is a preventable, treatable disease.

But, we can do something to help.  Compassion has a Malaria Intervention fund that provides households in poverty with mosquito nets, malaria education, and treatment.  You can give through this fund at any time.


One of the countries that is really hurting is Rwanda.  The very cool company, Sevenly, is partnering with Compassion for a short time (ends Monday morning) to let you get a sharp t-shirt when you sponsor a child from Rwanda.  You have to use this link to get your t-shirt.  And, you have to do it by Monday morning, 9:59 AM PST - that's April 9th.  But, you really need to do it.  There is one boy, Boncoeur, that has been waiting over 189 days for a sponsor.


If you aren't in a place right now where you can sponsor monthly, here is another option to get a Sevenly Malaria tee.  Flat out buy a t-shirt from Sevenly and $7 will be donated to provide a life-saving mosquito net to children in Rwanda.  It's the same terms as above:  Do it by Monday morning, April 9th, 9:59 AM PST.

So, you've got three options.  Two involve t-shirts.  All involve compassion.