Thursday, July 17, 2014

Patricia Laura of Ten Thousand Homes

Back in July this list came out in The Huffington Post. I was THRILLED, GIDDY, ECSTATIC to see Ten Thousand Homes included.

I know Ten Thousand Homes is a remarkable place. It holds a part of my heart and because of this I've decided to "interview" the ladies of TTH and introduce them to you. These Q & A sessions are being posted in the order I receive them.

First up is Patricia Laura, originally from Brazil. You may have heard of that country. It had some kind of soccer thingy there recently. 

How did you come to be part of Ten Thousand Homes? In 2012, God had revived in my heart the dream of being a missionary and a friend showed me a website with information about TTH. Then in 2013 I came to Africa and had been serving for only 1 month and here God told me that I should return full-time. I was invited to come back and do the YWAM DTS. I came back two months later.

Was it an easy decision to join the staff? No. I had a ticket to go back to Brazil after finishing the school and God spoke to me clearly to stay. The hardest part was telling my parents and friends that I would not return to Brazil soon.

How long have you been on staff? 6 months

What is your role at Ten Thousand Homes? I have been added to the Community Development team and help in all that is necessary. I keep praying to God to tell me exactly what to do.

How do you describe hope? For me HOPE is to see and believe that the situation can change in spite of circumstances.

Why is hope important to you? HOPE brings joy, faith and truth.

What is a dream you have for Ten Thousand Homes or yourself? I have a dream of seeing God's love changing this nation through the TTH family. For myself I have a dream to have my own family.

What is one thing you want people to know about Ten Thousand Homes? TTH is not about food or a house, it is about Love, Hope and Relationship with God and people. 

Thank you, Patricia, for sharing. You are so beautiful. I love your heart. I need to hug your neck.