Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is Fezzik. He hates to have his picture taken. Phil says it is because dogs don't like having things pointed at them.

Me: I'm not pointing a gun. I'm pointing a camera.
Corinn: You don't like having a camera pointed at you.
Me: That's because I'm fat.
Corinn: Well, he has a bad haircut.

I gave him that haircut. It took me four days and his left front paw and his ears are still not finished. My thumb is still numb from using the scissors and I stopped cutting on Tuesday!

He was also stressed out for a couple of days about having all his hair cut off. He kept growling at the other dogs when they would come near him. But, he was sticking to me like glue, which was weird due to the fact I had the scissors that he hates so much.

Fezzik Pontchartrain fits in our family well. He is crazy like the rest of us.

If you can't tell, he is a Chocolate Standard Poodle. And we don't do foo-foo around our house, so he is a very masculine poodle.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

I don't go shopping much. A jog to Target here and many jogs to Kroger there, but almost no casual shopping - ever. So, when my little sister came down to the big city last Saturday we hit some stores. I liked the cinnamon roll Sarah bought me at IKEA the best. Aimeelouhoo had to buy some pumps and would you believe that in their little bitty Oklahoma town there is not one place to buy pumps? Cowboy boots, yes - pumps, no.

Sarah found the perfect shoe. That was the problem. There was only one. Even Aimeelouhoo's boyfriend was put to work searching for the other one. No luck. I did find one that sort of matched. It was also a left shoe. I told her no one would notice that she was wearing two left shoes. She didn't go for it.

We apparently spent too much time in the shoe area of Ross, because RinneyRoo and I had too much fun taking these pictures.

I encourage the three people that read this blog to vote for the shoes they feel deserve the title: "Ugliest Pair of Shoes Found On 1/24/09"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fine Feathered Frenzy

I'm disappointed the Ravens are not headed for the Superbowl. Not because I like the Ravens or have an emotional connection with them or even know one player on their team. I wanted a Birdbowl, a Fowlbowl, a Fine Feathered Frenzy, a Battle of the Beaks, a Pecking Order Finale, etc. and so on.

I'm extremely tired. Can you tell?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Arizona On My Mind

On New Year's Eve a couple of my friends and I took leave of our senses and climbed into a 15 passenger with two bands and a sound guy and took off for Arizona.

Thankfully, the bands were wonderfully sweet and funny. I knew I was in trouble when I met In Dependence and within seconds I was laughing my head off. I told my family that my jaws were going to hurt after the trip. The group hails from Puerto Rico and because of the craziness of Texas weather they got to experience our cold snaps and missed the good weather. They came just in time for freezing temperatures and then left for Phoenix. While we were there Texas' weather was warm. On Saturday is was in the 80's. They got back in time for it to be in the 30's. They had never seen their breath before. It was really funny. And the drive across Texas, New Mexico, and into Arizona had to be the longest they were ever in a car.

We picked up The J. Walkers in Alvarado. The two bands didn't know each other, but they bonded in about half a second. This was The J. Walkers first road trip as a band and some of them (I won't name names) were whiny buckets before we even got to El Paso. We old timers slapped them around a little and they shaped up. They brought along a frisbee and at every stop jumped out and started a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Now, the boys of In Dependence are Ultimate Frisbee addicts. The J. Walkers are to blame for this.

You haven't truly lived until you've ridden for many, many hours with eight young men singing pop songs at the top of their lungs. I have it recorded. I'm saving it for blackmail material.

We ran into a drug infested gas station between Odessa and El Paso. That shook up everyone. In Sierra Blanca the curator of the town's museum asked for an autographed poster and cd.

Flying back early for a wedding removed me from the return van ride. Thank goodness! I've seen some of the video from The J. Walkers site.

It was hard to send In Dependence back to Puerto Rico. I do know they were excited to get home. Their New Year's Eve was spent driving around in El Paso - lost - with people they barely knew. They usually celebrate surrounded by family.

Both bands impressed me as musicians and as people.

Or, at least until I watched that video.