Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wandering In The Wide Blue Yonder

So I find myself in the Atlanta airport waiting for a flight to Philadelphia. It is extremely dreary. When the planes take off they immediately disappear in the clouds. Just sucks them up. There were over twenty planes lined up waiting to take off. I'm glad The City of Brotherly Love is my last stop as long as flying goes. I don't have to worry about catching a connecting flight, just a shuttle to my hotel and I'm not too worried about that.

The flight here was wonderful. Smooth all the way. I had the row all to myself and I took full advantage of it. I even slept. That's something I rarely do on planes. I can never get comfortable enough. I doubt this next leg will be as empty. Oh well, one out of two isn't bad. I'm hoping there is room for my carry-on. I'm in the last boarding zone. We do have free wi-fi on the flight. YEA!

The flight isn't full! I have a row all to myself! Once again I am spread across all the seats. I'm usually on rides that have so many people we are sitting on top of each other.

It has been nice to have free wi-fi on the plane. I've been about to get some work done. And, this has nothing to do with wi-fi, but Delta also has Coke Zero! I did a little happy dance in my head.

People watching is my favorite thing to do in airports, but Atlanta was a little boring in that area. The strangest thing I saw was a really tall guy dressed in black western clothes, boots, hat and pulling a case painted to look like a holstein hide. Oh, and he had long brown hair. See, pretty tame on the weirdness scale. Maybe Philly will be different.

We've moved away from the clouds and the ground is getting closer. I'll pack it up for now.

P.S. Spell Check doesn't like the word "holstein".