Friday, March 25, 2011

Maybe by the time you read this I will have stopped crying

Please read Kacy's blog post from today.

I got to be part of the miracle of the overflowing food.

Now my heart is breaking about this week.

If you can make a change in these kids life, please do so.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I saw death yesterday

Wasn't how we expected to start the day, but it happened anyway. On our way to Kruger National Park we drove up on a guy giving another man CPR in the middle of our lane. Some of the people in our van jumped out and ran back to the scene. An EMT had hit a man as he was walking along side of the road. At 5:30 a.m. there are many, many people walking along the highway to work or to the bus stop. Krista went to his feet and started praying and talking to him. Carla grabbed the EMT's phone to make the "911" call. I was by his head. It was so overwhelming. It was definitely a time of not having words to pray, just groanings. Someone asked for more gloves and I ran to the other van to see if anyone had some in their first aid kit. No one had any so Scott grabbed a huge plastic sheet off the side of the road and took over CPR. One of the team brought up t-shirts to use. They didn't know what was going on in that van and they wanted to help however they could. She was not prepared for what she walked up on. I'm sure her gut wrenching, heart breaking wails could be heard across the valley. Three EMTs came flying up in their personal cars, leaped out and went to work. After a few minutes they called it. It was too late, the injury way too severe. The EMTs didn't have a sheet big enough so they covered his body with the plastic and gently covered his face with the fabric they had.

Many times when a black person is hit here in South Africa the driver continues to move on. Not from fear of getting in trouble for killing someone, but because they just don't care. That is how deep the prejudice runs here. To say that makes me beyond sick is an understatement. I can't comprehend the depth of that selfishness. It makes me think of the Scrooge line in A Christmas Carol.

If (the poor) would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.

Just put in "blacks" for the poor.

There is so much death here. There are funeral homes everywhere and
tombstone stores everywhere.

There are so many children that are already fatherless and I can't help but
wonder if yesterday morning more children became fatherless or complete
orphans. That breaks my heart and haunts me. Will those children now have to go to a feeding station to get food twice a week?

Please lift up the family that is grieving now. Pray that in their heartbreak they will feel God's love surround them in a supernatural way.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

South Africa

Wish I had a lot of time to spend on this. South Africa has gotten under my skin. I figured it would, but not so fast. Yesterday was our first Discipleship Training session. I taught on True Leadership. Usually I'm a bundle of nerves before I speak. I really don't lAdd Imageike doing it. My stomach is churning before, during, and after. The team started praying for me Monday night and continued all day on Tuesday. The peace God poured out on me was so pure. Today I'm going with 5 other women to help cook for the orphan feeding station. Pray for me. I'm hoping not to be a blubbering idiot.