Saturday, November 22, 2014

Childhood memories

I've started this post more than once.

I've typed and deleted several things.

But, now, I've decided to share one of my fondest memories from my childhood.

I don't even know if the world today would allow this to happen.

Way back in the mid-seventies my family moved to far West Texas, true West Texas.

On our first Sunday in this tiny town we met a family.

They lived on a ranch 20 miles out of town.

We had Sunday lunch with them at the ranch.

It was decided my siblings and I would stay a couple of days while our parents settled into their new jobs.

The next day 8 kids, ages 15 through 6, climbed onto horses, bareback.

We only took 3 horses, which meant a pile of kids on each horse.

Thankfully, for the horses, we were all tiny.

We headed north through the desert scrub until the designated spot to tie-up the horses.

Then, we hiked to the Rio Grande (remember, true West Texas) and waded down the river in water barely covering our ankles.

Until we hit the mud.

Grey, slimy, glorious mud.

At this point in the river the water was about waist deep on me and the mud was knee high.

The mud fight was epic.

Every inch of us was covered in mud.

We got back to the house about the same time our parents drove up.

The mud was so thick they couldn't tell us apart at first.

My mom found a pebble in my little brother's ear.

I tell you, it was an epic fight.

What an amazing day.

8 kids.

Bareback on horses.

In far West Texas.

Screaming, yelling, and flinging mud in the Rio Grande.

Without an adult in sight.

Like I said, I don't know if the world we live in now would allow this to take place.

Those years in far West Texas opened up a whole new world to me. So much freedom to run around doing crazy things. A different culture, a different landscape. I'm extremely thankful for the time I had there.

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