Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wii can be painful

Clay saved up his money and bought a Wii and I am here to tell you that playing one can be very painful.

After bowling what Aaron figured out to be over 100 frames I could hardly move the next day without wanting to scream. I tried bowling one game against my husband the evening after my 100+ frames and it felt as if my left arm was being pulled from the shoulder socket. My darling kids got a big kick out of me screaming every time it was my turn.

My Coventry pals thought it was a hoot I was so sore from playing a video game. By that day the pain had moved across my chest and it hurt to laugh, so I spent the day grabbing my chest because we laugh A LOT at Coventry.

My soreness is gone. I haven't bowled in awhile. For one, I haven't had time (not that it takes much time to bowl by yourself) and secondly, I am just a tad bit nervous about doing it again.

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