Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Change of Plans

Some days do not go exactly how you plan. And that's okay, because when you're a mom that happens all the time. And you learn that days usually don't go exactly as planned which is fine because that is what you sign up for when you become a mom.

Tuesday as I was working on emails and follow-up calls I got a call saying Haley thought she had the flu. She had fever and couldn't hold her body upright for more than a couple of minutes. The school's clinic was booked solid and she couldn't drive herself to a doc in the box. So, juggling the phone calls, packing my bag, calling my neighbor to tell her what was up, talking to my husband about the next few days, making sure that Aaron could get Rinn to work and pick up Callie since I was taking the van, saying that Micah could come over after work as long as there were others at home with them, and generally covering everything else I could think of, I headed to Waco.

I did have to explain to one pastor that I wasn't breathing hard because of him, but that I was simply out of breath from running around the house. I'm really out of shape.

The drive was wonderful. No sound. Just thoughts bouncing around in my head. There is a lot of room for bouncing in there. I had grabbed necessary items at QT: Coke Zero, Snickers Marathon, and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.

After wiping down everything in her car I took her to a clinic about the size of a phone booth where we had to wait awhile, but were very well cared for, got her medicine, put her to bed, and went to the "ghetto" H.E.B. I don't call it "ghetto", Haley does. When I went to Baylor, it was just the H.E.B. On the grocery list was all the ingredients for my chicken noodle soup and a big can of Lysol.

Haley had a rough night with coughing and my breathing machine was on the blink, so neither of us slept well. We didn't climb out of bed until almost noon. I was able to work from Haley's laptop - after I wiped it down, and got some good phone calls made. Then I trekked across campus to deliver a paper to the science building. I fit right in with my Toms, blue jeans, black T, jean jacket and straight as a bone hair. My big dark sunglasses covered the wrinkles and bags around my eyes. Yep, I looked my dreams!

We've also watched 8 billion episodes of Friends and Big Bang Theory, and the musical, Mamma Mia! Pierce Brosnan needs to avoid singing in public or on film, just as I do.

I think Haley will be mended enough for me to head home tomorrow, if she sleeps well. I've stocked her with Nyquil, new toothbrushes, and tissues. Her temperature seems to be staying down.

Now, back to another episode of Big Bang.

And thank you, Melinda and Micah, for helping out our family during this flu crisis.

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