Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One of Those Conversations...

You ever have one of those conversations that just leaves you scratching your head, wondering if you have lost your sanity or are losing it?

Someone asked me recently when my French friends were coming in. I said Guy and his niece, Celine, would be in on Monday and Etienne would be in on Thursday.

"They're not coming together?"

"They don't know each other."

"Yes they do." Now, that statement would have made sense if the person making the statement knew Guy, Celine, or Etienne, but that is not the case.

"No, they don't."

"Yes, they DO." Again, this person does not know any of my French friends. The person knows about them to a certain degree, but it is a very little degree.

At this point, I'm just staring in disbelief. I think, or maybe I was yelling. I don't think I was yelling out loud. It could have just been in my head. I hope it was just in my head. I like to think I was just staring.

"Etienne is Mathilde and Pauline's brother."

"Yes, I know!" Mathilde and Pauline are our French Chicks from last summer.

"And their dad is Guy's doctor."

"I know that, but Guy and Etienne don't know each other and Celine doesn't know Etienne."

"They live in the same town!" They live in Marseille, which really can't be considered a town. It's more like a city of 1,605,000 people.

"That doesn't mean they know each other!"

"Well, in Texas they'd be considered related!"

I don't know about you, but I don't know any of my doctor's children and I'm pretty doggone sure none of my doctors know any of my nieces or nephews. I'm just saying.

Now, after the next few weeks, Guy, Celine, and Etienne will know each other. They are making the trip to Texas just to meet. I'm kidding. They're coming to get related so they can be true Texans, where, apparently, one is automatically kin to their doctor and his/her family.

Even though I've grown up in Texas I didn't know this rule. I will have to fill in my doctors the next time I go in. Do I have to be related to my kid's doctors too? Can anyone clue me in about this rule?

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