Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is Fezzik

As you can tell the fence isn't that much taller than him, but he hasn't figured that out yet.

He has figured out how to open one of the gates. Thankfully a lot of us were out in the backyard when he did it the first time.

There was a boy in the park and Fezzik was barking like crazy at him. He can't stand it when someone is out there.

All of a sudden he ran to the gate, stuck his nose to the bottom and shoved it open.

I almost had a heart attack. He took off after the kid at a full gallop, barking his head off.

Can you imagine looking up and having that charging at you whole hog?

Of course, the kid started running. I started yelling (or screeching) for him to not run.

And I couldn't believe it. The boy stood still! With THAT bearing down on him!

Fezzik didn't know what to do. He was so confused. The boy wasn't playing the game right.

I got to the kid and apologized profusely. He just smiled and said that Fezzik was a smart dog like his dog.

So glad he felt that way.

I'm still in shock he listened to me, a total stranger, and stood still. That took a lot of courage. I think I would have been looking for a big stick if something was coming at me like that.

And, he is right. Fezzik is a smart dog. And sneaky. And obnoxious. And smelly. And loving. Sometimes too loving. Obnoxiously loving. Ask Corinn's boyfriend, Micah. Fezzik loves Micah. A lot. Fezzik thinks they're bosom buddies. Micah's not so sure. Especially when Fezzik is at his smelliest.

Now, these two rotten creatures were saying, "We had nothing to do with this! See, we didn't go chasing after the boy! We're the goods ones!"

HA! None of us are fooled. We all know you just didn't move fast enough this time.


Prior said...

I'm following you, so I hope you know the way! lol Pets are a mess, aren't they? and more expensive than kids some days! Lezlee

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