Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love Mercy - a book, a shop and a journey

While in Nashville this past weekend I paid a visit to McKay's (thank you Sarah Freeman) and found the book Love Mercy - A mother & Daughter's Journey from the American Dream to the Kingdom of God. It's a brand new book, just published in this here 2010.

The title caught my eye, because that's the name of my Etsy shop and then the author's name caught my eye, because she is one of my favorite authors. And since my daughter and I were in Nashville on a social justice trip it was a buy, buy, buy situation.

Lisa Samson and her daughter, Ty, wrote the book together about their trip to Swaziland and how it rocked their world.

Lisa and I have a lot in common.

She writes great fiction.
I like to read great fiction.

She and her husband wrote a great book, Justice in the Burbs.
I read Justice in the Burbs and recommend it to people all the time.

She was born in '64.
I was born in '63.

She has a child born in '89.
I have a child born in '89.

She and her daughter have been to Africa.
I've been to Africa with one of my daughters.

See! We're almost twins!

I'm only on Chapter 3, but I'm greatly appreciating this book. The writing styles are welcoming and honest. Can't wait to finish it.


Prior said...

Hey, I thought I was already following you, but I wasn't so now I am! Lezlee

Prior said...

We should plan a shopping trip sometime! I think there are a few cute shops where we are going on the cousins' trip. Are you going :)It was fun last year!