Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Real Hope for Haiti Dress Party

My cousin, Jodi, decided to host a dress making party for Real Hope for Haiti. It was a great success. People donated fabric, sewing machines, and time.

You can read about it here. My mom is in one of the pictures. She isn't the sleeping baby. That's my adorable third cousin and Jodi's adorable daughter.

I think Jodi should come to Plano so we can have a dress party here. What do you think?


Laura Stiller said...

This is SO AWESOME! I want to go to one of these - and I'm sure I could round up some friends too! Let us know if you end up getting one together in Plano!

~Matthew and Jodi Beth~ said...
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Prior said...

Cool, I think we should come. I'm more into feeding people and baby sitting, though! Lezlee