Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mind Numbing Football

Just got back from a football game. Final score 60 - 12. BBBOOOORRRRIIIINNNGGG!!!
I don't know if these kinds of games are fun for the players, but they put me to sleep.

I started cheering for the other team, begging them to make a touchdown just to make it a little more exciting. David had the pleasure of sitting by me today, which meant he got to listen to me. I finally turned to him at one point and said I thought our team could not even be on the field and the other team still wouldn't be able to score.

My daughter's boyfriend made the winning touchdown. How could it be the winning touchdown with a score of 60 - 12? He made the touchdown that called the game and put us all out of our misery. Thank you Micah! And it was an exciting run. He broke the tackle at about the 20 and ran it all the way in. And his hair still looked amazing when he took his helmet off! It was very impressive.


brett tilford said...

That's my bro!

hales said...

baylor won 51-6. People still left early bc it was so boring.