Saturday, September 20, 2008

An email from Hands and Feet Project

This is the scene looking at several of our children's houses in Haiti after our area was hit by 3 hurricanes in a row. The red area you see in the foreground is a full size pick up truck that is buried in about 6 feet of rock that was pushed in by the floods. Thankfully all of our children and staff are safe. Many regions in Haiti were not that fortunate.

Please consider helping us as we re-build our property and build a large retaining wall for our property, the school next to us (providing a great education for 850 children), and surrounding neighbors. We have taken this project on because if we don't, our entire community could be destroyed by a future storm. Unfortunately, we can't just call the army corps of engineers to come build us a dam and some storm drains!

Please go to our website at to see more pictures, a video of the storm, and to donate.

Thanks for reading...please pray for Haiti and help however you can.

Hands and Feet Project | PO Box 682105 | Franklin, TN 37068

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