Friday, September 26, 2008

I Got Another Letter...

on Saturday from a very special little lady. It is my second letter from this special one. I found we have something in common. We both like la playa. Her mother bought her a "safeguard to swim in the beach." I'm so glad she has a safeguard. I hope it doesn't make her too brave in the water. She also sent me kisses and hugs. Those made me giddy!

I sent her some pictures to color for her mom. They're about Jesus loving the little children. Hope she has fun with them.

Compassion made these exchanges possible for me and my little lady in the Dominican Republic. You can look and find a little one to support financially and spiritually.

My friends, Matt and Kristen, support a boy in Africa. With the $25 they sent for his birthday he bought a mattress, a pair of stockings, a big bar of soap, and a bag of salt. He sent them a picture of him grinning as he held his birthday purchases. Also, due to their monthly sponsorship he is now in school. Yes!

Many children have been waiting longer than 6 months for sponsors. Take a look. We have so much compared to these. I encourage you to find one to sponsor.

I'm so thankful Compassion has given us the opportunity to reach out to these special kids.

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