Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I got a cool comment on one of my posts...

so, I investigated and the info got even cooler.

Some of you may remember my post, TOMS and Sanctus Real and Extreme Makeover. Well, Schooler got to be part of it, up close and personal. And, he shot some great photos of the concert and the home demolition. He got a hard hat and everything. How cool is that? He had an inside track with my BFF (please see below).

I've been a fan of TOMS ever since I heard about their amazing company. Check them out and become a fan too. Their documentary, For Tomorrow - The TOMS Shoes Story, was a Humanitarian Vision Award Winner at the 2008 Newport Beach Film Festival and was an official selection at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival.

I'd been a fan of Sanctus Real for a while before volunteering at one of their concerts a few years back. Always liked their music, but what sealed the deal for me was when Matt said I was a cool mom. He now is my BFF! I don't usually have my picture taken with rock stars, but I do have my picture taken with rock stars that think I'm a cool mom just so I can pull them up and remind my kids that I'm a cool mom.

So, if you're a rock star and want your picture taken with me you now know the rule.
Now, are there any rules for how many times you can use the word "cool" in a post?

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hales said...

Pine Cove got to meet the maker of Toms in florida the other day for The Gathering, and my friend texted me and told me that he was wearing my toms!! yeahh!

and yeah you used cool too much.