Sunday, September 7, 2008

Haiti Hit Hard

and will any media here even cover it? Please read Aaron's posts about the devastation Hurricane Ike has done to Haiti. Being one of the poorest places in the world already, this leaves Haiti in beyond dire straights.

Aaron has provided link information for paypal accounts if you want to help out the Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center. There are also pictures of a small part of the damage.

Today a bunch of people were demolishing the student ministry room in preparation of a 30 years in the making makeover. The chaos was much and the mess was much. I found it overwhelming...I cannot begin to wrap my mind around what it would be like to have to crawl out of what the RHFH staff is dealing with. There aren't any government agencies they can call. There isn't any hotel the government will put them and the rescued children in. There is no FEMA to even pretend to help them.

If you can...please help.

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