Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricanes and Haiti

This is from Aaron Ivey's blog. You can read the entire thing here. This is the part that jumped out at me.

so many have been kind to call/email/text us about how our kids are doing with all the storms and flooding. (it is a humbling thing to know that people around the country are thinking and praying for our kids in Haiti). They are both fine and safe. We communicated with Licia and Lori today. we definitley got the scope of how rough things are there right now. the MAJOR problem right now is lack of drinking water. the flooding has washed out all of the water pipes which brings in fresh water to the village and mission. there are no supplies to fix these pipes, so when their reserve supplies of fresh water run out, they are in trouble. they can’t drink the water from the overflowing rivers because it is filled with “dirty” water (contaminated). Licia is doing everything she can to conserve, collect rain water, and limit washing clothes and diapers. she says her food supply will be ok, but major concern is water.
How is your water supply today?

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Aaron Ivey said...

thank you for posting this today! the more people praying, the better!