Thursday, June 19, 2008

Phil and I are once again with child!

Hold your horses! Put down the phone! I don't mean that way. You don't have to call us and give us a lecture. Yes, we know what causes it. Me, walking too close to a Compassion International table and seeing the sweetest little face looking back. It is all Nathan and Cassie Tasker's fault! She was on their table at one of his concerts.

Her name is Grabiela Maria. She is tiny. I fell for her picture and then I saw she was from the Dominican Republic and that sealed the deal as far as I was concerned. Phil had to be consulted. Our Jason is from the Dominican Republic. They are from different areas and look very different. But, both are as adorable as they can be.

Corinn got a letter from her little girl in Guatemala and it was so sweet that we both teared up reading it. She has been sick and asked Corinn to pray for her because the doctor is concerned about her weight. Then she said that Corinn is beautiful, she loves her and wants her to visit her in Guatemala. If it were possible we would have both been on a plane so fast our heads would still be spinning.

If you can, sponsor a child through Compassion. There is no way you will regret it.

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