Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Compassion gave me Jason

Well, actually, they didn't give him to me. That would be illegal and unethical. But, they did make it possible for me to sponsor Jason. We now write each other and pray for each other's families. I "found" Jason at a Planet Wisdom Conference. There were at least two tables covered with pictures of children that needed to be sponsored. As I poured over them Jason caught my eye. He didn't look like any of the other kids. And he reminded me of one of my favorite little guys, Joel. So, that is how my relationship with Jason began. He lives in the Dominican Republic with his mother. His father is deceased. He enjoys going to church. Recently he went with Compassion to the city. They visited the zoo and he rode a horse. I love getting letters from him and seeing his sweet thoughts.


Prairie Rose said...

Hi, thanks for sharing Jason with us.

Shaun Groves said...

Thank you!