Friday, February 15, 2008

Ditzy at its best

It took me a few tries to get out the door today. Actually, I made it out the door. Three times. I got into my van and realized I didn't have my glasses on. I sat and debated on going back in to get them. I really didn't feel as if I needed them today, but my eyes have become used to seeing them on my face when I look in the mirror. So, I went back in and got them. While inside I decided that I needed to change my shirt because it was chilly outside. I took off my shirt and stared at the clothes in my closet. I determined that what I had already put on was the only choice. That shirt went back on and I grabbed my 60's vintage coat that I picked up at Goodwill for $12 (just had to throw that in here, has nothing to do with this blog) and threw it on, buttoned it up, and proceeded out the door. Once back in the van I realized that I was almost out of gas. And, for once, I remembered that the credit card was in the back pocket of my blue jeans. The ones on the floor of my closet. Back inside. Got the credit card. Back outside.

Now, some may say that I need to keep a list to help me get out the door. I would lose the list. Some may say make a mental list. With what? Don't you have to have some sort of mental capability to make a mental list? If it just took being mental then I would have that covered, yet it takes more. Some may wonder why the credit card was in my back pocket and why I didn't put it in my purse. That takes time and usually when I am getting gas I am in a hurry, because of things like forgetting my glasses and changing my shirt and grabbing my coat and forgetting my credit card is in my other jeans. See, it is just a vicious cycle. A cycle set on high heat that burns away more brain cells daily.

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Dreama said...

WOW Nancy! Your such a funny woman! Hope this doesn't run in the family!!!