Monday, February 25, 2008

Ministry Expands

An Expansion of Care Arises - “Building a Bridge of Change”

Mesquite, TX – Operation Care – Dallas, Inc. is a successful care program in full action since 1993 for the homeless community in the DFW Metroplex. So much so that Operation Care - Dallas has recently expanded a bridge of care to the Philippines.

Operation Care - Dallas, Inc. caters to the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless in the DFW Metroplex by facilitating services and sharing the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ. This ministry, birthed from a widow's grief, has enlarged as the mission has ventured to Iloilo City. Now adding another name to the organization, Operation Care Philippines: Changing the World, Changing Lives, an evangelistic movement will allow children in America to assist the homeless children, orphans, and street kids in Iloilo City through the project, Operation Adopt A Friend.

This is not another outreach were the adult community will come to the rescue, but rather our young heroes, our children will become responsible philanthropist as they will be Changing Lives, Changing the World. Imagine our American children stepping out to be missionaries for other children in a foreign country by raising only $15.00 to support their Philippine counterpart; their Adopted Friend across the waters of our world as Operation Care Philippines builds bridges for unity, hope and integrity amongst our youth.

Various churches are educating their children and members. Soles for Kidz and Buckner International are participating in the construction of this bridge by donating shoes. Operation Care Philippines' goal of catering to 1,000 homeless children subjected to living in cemeteries, railroad stations and garbage sites can be met as we lace up to walk together over this magnificent evangelical bridge.

Become a supporter of Operation Care - Dallas, in conjunction with Operation Care Philippines "Adopt-A-Friend" program by filling up the 20 ft. truck shipment of care kits, toys, Bibles, and provision for these less fortunate children. This shipment must be a float in the first part of April 2008 to make the official launch celebration by July 5, 2008. The day will hold a foot washing ceremony, evangelism, prayer, medical support, food, and entertainment for the adults and children along with the gifts from our children to theirs.

For more information please log onto We are Changing Lives while Changing the World.

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