Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I've heard a rumor Sunday is Father's Day. It dang sure doesn't get the kind of attention Mother's Day does. But just because the commercial world doesn't put the same amount of pressure on you to buy your dad a gift doesn't mean you don't need to get him anything.

I'm here to help you out. Maybe your dad is the kind that doesn't want a lot of stuff, as in more stuff to store in his closet, garage, storage shed, etc... The following things will not pile up. In fact, they will lift people up. So, for this Father's Day I make the following suggestions.

Free The Slaves works hard at ending modern day slavery. They have an amazing website with updates on how people around the world are being rescued from this horror. Give your father the opportunity to be a modern day abolitionist.

Compassion International has so many ways to be involved with changing lives. Browse through their website for ideas. There will be the perfect gift for your father, whether it be malaria prevention kits, food crisis intervention, or sponsoring a child.

Blood:Water Mission was created buy some great guys who saw a need and decided to do something. Donate in your father's name and help give clean water to those dying from the lack of it.

Toms Shoes will give a pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair you buy your father. There are a lot of choices on their website and you can read the history of the company and how they choose to run their business.

If your father loves t-shirts then this is the place to go. JesusGreaterThan.Org has great shirts. I got my cool one before they even had a website which makes me extra cool. Just thought you should know that. And no matter where Corinn and I wear them (not at the same time - that would be too cutesy, weird for a teenage daughter and her mom to do) we have people stop us and ask about them. So, your father needs one of these t-shirts.

Now, if these suggestions don't do it for you, then go to my Mother's Day ideas. Those will work also. Except make sure you say "Happy Father's Day". Don't confuse him with your mom.

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Caitlin said...

Hey Nancy-

Thank you for writing about TOMS in your blog! We would like to send you a gift to show our appreciation. Please e-mail me your mailing address!

Take care,

By the way- I got my Dad a pair for Father's Day, a man who swears by flip-flops, and he loves his TOMS :)