Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Special Kids with Special Needs with Special Opportunities

I didn't realize my Jason was considered a special needs child by Compassion, but he is. His father is deceased. He is one of the 132 million children that live without one or both parents (UNICEF, 2008). To sponsor a child who has lost one or both parents go to There are 700 special orphans waiting for sponsors to give them special opportunities.

Can you imagine living in a country that is devastated by AIDS? Everyone around you is sick. People are dying. And you are a child watching this happen everywhere you look. Nearly 14,000 children in AIDS-affected areas are waiting for a sponsor. Go to to see how you can provide that special opportunity for a special needs child.

Do you feel called to minister to an older child? This is the place for you to go - These special kids have lost their sponsor or have been waiting a long time for one. About 1,200 continue waiting.

Mix a disability with poverty and you have a recipe for disaster. Resources for families are not readily available as they are here. Some cultures shun those with disabilities. Compassion has almost 180 disabled children waiting for a sponsor. To make a special change in the life of a child with a disability go to

Pick your special kid with a special need and give them special opportunities.

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Compassion International said...


Thank you for sponsoring Jason and for loving him. Thank you for writing this post. Your blogging about Compassion definitely helps us release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

Have you visited the Compassion blog yet?

Chris Giovagnoni
Compassion International