Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Orleans

First full day in New Orleans was bad. It did not go well. My color coded, finely detailed grocery list for Sam's crashed and burned when they wouldn't let us use the school credit card for the purchase of a week's worth of food for 50 people. We never could get them to understand that the people listed in the computer could not come and vouch for us in person because they were all in Texas. They kept telling us to just call them and have them come to the store to say we could use the card.

Everyone else has been wonderful. Well, the group who went to do VBS in the projects will violently disagree with me. They came in looking shell shocked. Our kids thought the Juarez kids were needy and out of control. Today was a HUGE eye opener for them. They are still reeling.

The groups working in a church and in homes had wonderful experiences. It is so hard to comprehend that 80% of this city was under water. I still can't wrap my head around it.

I am exhausted. I really dislike Wal-Mart and I had to make two trips there today and have to go back tomorrow. BLECK! I've been on my feet all day and now the mosquitoes are trying to carry me away. The kids have been so helpful with everything in the kitchen. I greatly appreciate it.

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