Friday, May 30, 2008


Last night's episode proved to me that the writers are not completely making this up as they go along - minute by minute, second by second. There were times I was sure that was what was going on.

Ben had the funniest lines of the night. "Time traveling bunnies." He made me laugh several times. And he finally met his match in the "nasty with no soul" category.

Didn't see Locke being in the casket. That was a surprise.

I'm not the kind of LOST fan that searches the internet for information and hidden clues. I don't buy the official LOST magazine to see if I can figure out the mystery. Didn't know there was an official LOST magazine? I didn't either until a LOST obsessed former co-worker brought it in one night. I enjoy watching the show with my family and leaving it there in the black box I watch it on. We do have interesting conversations sometimes because we all have our little theories. But, mainly to me, it is a nice little getaway once a week.

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