Monday, August 18, 2008

She might have met the President BUT we got the awesome thank you note!

While my friends, Kim and David, were hobnobbing with the 41st and the 43rd Presidents and First Ladies at a wedding, we (or mainly Phil) were keeping one of their kids. Kids weren't invited to the highly orchestrated wedding that included former and acting Presidents as guests. Imagine that.

Yes, Kim got to share her umbrella with #43, but we got the best part of the deal, 'cause we got this awesome thank you note. I bet she doesn't get an awesome thank you note.

Dear: Misster and Misses Perdie anb Clay
thancue for leting me play vidieo-gamse. My faveret one is marieo tinise. (An adorable hand drawn illustration went here) thancue for ceaping me safe, let-ing me slep in clase room. and giving me food.
FROME: mark
I mean, really, does it get any cuter than that? And it is proof that if we keep your kids we will give them food.

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