Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life lately and in the future

Last week, Monday through Thursday, was spent on a road trip with teenagers. Had a great time, especially at night when we were all asleep. I kid. It was a good time. Even when we had to move hotel rooms in the middle of the night due to a stopped up toilet. The girls were real troopers.

Thursday afternoon, after a fun lunch at Houston's Hard Rock, the French Chicks, Corinn, and I peeled off from the group and headed to Midland. Phil was kind enough to drive down a car and take my place in the middle school van. He didn't even use ear plugs!

We arrived in Midland around 3:30 a.m. due to the lovely traffic in Houston. Not fun, not fun. But, the hospitality tent at Rock The Desert was a blast. Everyone on that team is A+ and all the artists were very sweet. Not a snob or prima donna in the bunch. There was a difficult spouse, but their demands were overruled by the humble artist and peace reigned.

Last night the French Chicks and I went to a television taping for New York Summer, formerly known as Radial Angel. We were out with them until 1:30 a.m. Thank goodness for IHOP. We were all starving after the taping and then an acoustical set.

Tomorrow brings Hawk Nelson back to town. They were here weekend before last. The French Chicks, Corinn, and I will be running errands for them and helping Adam with merch. This will be my third weekend in a row working events with Hawk. Weird.

Callie gets picked up from camp on Saturday morning. I have a Operation Care Dallas Fundraiser meeting in the afternoon and that night is our family night at the Union Gospel Mission. Yea! I'm really excited to go back to the mission. I've been looking forward to it since last month.

My friend, Chloe, became a rock star today. She played bass for this band. YEA Chloe!

Did you know the male gymnasts use honey on their grips? YUCK!

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