Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cars - For Lack of a Better Title

My dream car is actually a 1940 or 50 Chevy Truck. Don't care what color or condition as long as it runs well enough to not leave me stranded. I won't ever have one, but like I said, it's my dream car.

I also think convertibles are great. During the spring in Iowa all the old convertibles come out of storage and cruise around town. They are so much fun to see. What really makes me drool is a retractable hard top convertible. The fabric tops give me a headache with all the noise they make. But a retractable hard top? Wow! I won't ever have a convertible though. They don't get good enough gas mileage for them to be a practical choice. Plus there is this thing called "sticker shock" that makes them impractical. Do I really need a convertible?

Just give me a car that runs well enough to not leave me stranded. For some reason I don't like being stranded. I have found that I like cup holders. So, cup holders and ability to run are important to me in a car. In Texas light color cars can be nice. Sometimes, in Texas, even light colored interiors can get too hot to handle as I discovered today. I didn't know you could fry your hands on a tan steering wheel. Since Texas heat can make any color miserable, maybe color doesn't really matter.

What I think would be really cool, besides an old Chevy Truck, is a car covered in Pez dispensers.
Don't ask my why. I don't have an answer. That picture just keeps running through my mind.

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