Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Night at the homeless shelter

Our family has started volunteering at the Union Gospel Mission once a month and tonight was our night. I've been looking forward to it all month. On one hand, it is a great bummer that there even has to be a Union Gospel Mission, but on the other, it is a great honor to be able to volunteer there. My friend, Susie, has been doing this for many years. The men love her and she loves them. Tonight she shared her testimony about how she used to despise homeless people and how God took her prideful heart and turned it into a heart full of love for the homeless. I've heard her tell that story many times. I've edited it in written form. I'm well acquainted with her story and for some reason tonight it moved me to tears. She also showed a small video of the Operation Care - Philippines project that ministered to 2,000 homeless children on July 5th. The homeless men of the Union Gospel Mission were crying as they watched the video and when she asked them to please pray for the children, a loud AMEN went up. These homeless men are praying for the homeless children of the Philippines. Amazing!

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