Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eyebrows Battle

For the past couple of months my face has decided it needs a unibrow. And I'm sick of it. I've never had eyebrow problems in the past. My eyebrow hairs have stayed where they are suppose to be for the most part. It has taken very little plucking and maintaining on my part over the years. But, all of a sudden my eyebrows have decided that they need to be thick and hairy and unified. What is with this?! I am battling hairs growing where they have never grown before. What makes a hair suddenly decide to grow in an unchartered area? Did it decide it was too crowded and needed more space?

So, this is my demand:
I mean, really, just cut it out. Stay in your designated hair growing spot and do your job. No more venturing out. Stay put. If you feel the need for more space. Ignore it! I do not have time to mess with you.


Bluestocking said...

LOL! Perhaps it is time to introduce the brow to the wax!!!

I finally added you to my google reader.

brett tilford said...

haha! Outrageous! I wish you had posted a picture :)