Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink...

We have a leak in our foundation. A pipe broke. At first we could hear running water at weird times when we knew there was none being used, then it became a quiet roar, then it became a rushing roar that required me to wear earplugs to concentrate on work. The park next door began to flood. Something had gone terribly wrong.

The plumber dug outside the house where it sounded like the leak was located. Nothing. Dry dirt. He studied the flooded park. Okay, it looked like it was coming from under the dining room window. They dug. Water, lots of water. Water that kept coming even though the water was turned off at the street. That corner of the house was floating. So, now it looked like the leak under the North West corner of the dining room. This morning they arrived with the jackhammer and tore into that corner. The leak wasn’t there. BUT they left my dining room cleaner than it was when they started and did a great job patching the hole. I was impressed. Now, if I could just get them to jackhammer the rest of the house…

Anyway, the broken pipe was found. It was where they thought it was the first day, just farther under the house. So they think they can get to it from the outside. They have to work around the existing foundation repair or the Pergo and kitchen sink will have to be removed.

We’ve been doing without using much water the last few days. It is amazing how much we rely on running water that is so handy dandy, right at our fingertips. I can’t stand to have stuff on my hands, like after I put on lotion, or when I’m cooking. I constantly wash or at least rinse my hands when getting ready or in the kitchen. Not OCD like, but “yuck” like.

Watching that water pool in the park has been very frustrating. My grandmother instilled in me that water was not to be wasted. She has ALWAYS gathered rainwater. We took baths as kids and gave our children baths at her house in maybe an inch of water. Just enough to cover the bottom of the tub. Dishes are scrapped and then wiped before washing. We didn’t waste water rinsing them off and still don’t.

So, hearing the rushing roar and seeing the pools has been hard, plus knowing the financial cost of paying for the wasted water and the repair has been stressful.

How is it that my family has clean water everywhere being wasted and people across the globe are going without? People hike miles daily for water that is not safe and we have safe water gushing out of our house. It seems so unfair, so wrong. I’ve thought a lot about those who are suffering and those that are trying to help. One of those people is Brody Harper. His heart was moved by blood:water mission and he has chosen to do something.

If wasted water or people drinking unsafe water bothers you, join him in making a difference. My family hasn't had to really suffer. We’ve been annoyed, but haven’t hurt physically because of this event. It isn’t the same for millions.

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brody.harper said...

Wow... great post, and sorry about the house... That's hard. Hopefully they can get that fixed quick.

Thanks for pointing people to BWM again.