Sunday, March 9, 2008

Michael Jackson and Puppies

I'm not a morning person. I believe that mornings should begin around 10:30 a.m. But, yesterday I found myself headed to a homeless shelter at 8 a.m. for very long meetings. No food in my belly and more important to my ability to function - no caffeine. When those meetings were over I grabbed a bowl of Raisin Bran so fast my head was spinning. It was followed by a coffee chaser. An hour later I headed to a venue to hang out with "rock stars". I think I might be getting too old for these kinds of days. I dragged myself home late last night and collapsed into bed. I think I spoke to my husband at one point.

Because of one of the guys in this band and one of the guys in this band I will never be able to think of Michael Jackson and puppies in the same way. Not that I have ever spent a lot of time thinking about Michael Jackson and puppies, but if I ever do it will not be in the same way.

I rubbed my hands over one of these guy's face…because he had fuzz on his chin and it was bugging the “mama” in me. I told him he ought to be glad that I didn't give him a spit bath.

We discussed my issue with tight spaces – as in the thought of a sleeping bunk on a bus gives me the heebie jeebies and how I can’t sleep in a zipped up sleeping bag and how it is my Uncle Larry’s fault that I have this problem because when I was little bitty, and yes, I once was little bitty, he would sneak up behind me and roll me up in the quilt my grandmother put on her floor for me to play on. It was decided that I have a serious problem.

At one point a person in this band and I discussed how having four children isn't that hard. The first baby changes your life forever. With the second you are so overwhelmed that you feel you will never survive. By the third you've got it down. The fourth is a cakewalk. You barely realize you've added one.

These are just some of the deep meaningful conversations back stage last night. And you thought it was all just goofing off and laughs.

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