Saturday, March 1, 2008

blood:water mission

Mr. Brody Harper is on to something good. He wants to do something about the lack of good, clean water in Africa. Most of us take clean water for granted. We love it, we use it almost constantly, we waste it.

Blood:water mission
works hard at providing life giving wells in areas that need them.
P.D. Ross has created cool shirts to help raise money for these wells.

Brody wrote this in his blog:
P.D. explained to me that he wants to get behind this little project here and we are working out the details on how to link the two. Right now P.D. has offered that if someone buys a “Jesus>Thirst” shirt and mentions Blood Water Mission he will donate all of the proceeds to the goal of Two Wells Every Three Months. Pretty generous, eh?

So, get on board and order a shirt OR just donate to the fund Brody has set up. Make a difference. I know people that are so wrapped up in their neat little America that they refuse to see the pain in other countries. Christ has called us to reach out to the poor and hurting. People that don't have clean water are hurting.

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