Thursday, March 20, 2008


as a homeschooling mother! Tonight during the NCAA tournament a commercial came on with a very large four legged animal starring. My 12 year old said that he didn't understand why they didn't just train a moose to walk through the hall.

ME: "That's not a moose."
SON: "Okay, then a gazelle."
ME: "That's an ELK!"
SON: "They're all the same."
ME: "No they aren't. I'm a failure!"
HUSBAND: "Bullwinkle's a moose and he doesn't look anything like a elk."
SON: "Bullwinkle's a cartoon character that hangs out with a squirrel that can actually fly."
HUSBAND: "But he looks like a moose."
SON: "No he doesn't."

I'm a failure.

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by the way. just got your gift today.
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