Friday, January 6, 2012

Come Together Trading Company

Have you ever walked into a place and immediately known you want to live there? And, I'm not talking about homes.

It happened to me the other day. I had to be in Canton for a funeral and decided to step into a store I had heard good things about. I could live there! In the store!

Come Together Trading Company is in downtown Canton, on the square. Yes, that Canton. The land of First Monday. Those of us that grew up in the area call the town Canton and the monthly event First Monday. Most people not from around those parts just call the whole thing Canton. I think they sometimes forget there is an actual town beyond the acres and acres of the largest flea market in the world.

Back to Come Together. This place is delightful. It is so warm and inviting. There are several arrangements of couches where you can curl up and read and drink coffee and knit and talk and rest. I would have all my meetings there if I could. Really, I would move in. It's that comfy.

AND they are Fair Trade! YES! Clothing, jewelry, coffee, chocolate, scarves, purses, etc...all Fair Trade. They partner with over 200 artisans from 40 different countries.

You have to check them out, either on-line or in person. If you don't want to wander off the First Monday grounds they can be found in Arbors II - Space 115-116. But, I highly suggest going to their store at 116 East Dallas, right next to the Van Zandt County Courthouse. I remember when that courthouse seemed so big. I noticed the other day that it didn't seem that big anymore. Wonder what changed.

Oh! On the weekends they have live music. I know! I told you they are great. I want to move in.

And they are huge Compassion supporters. It was on a Compassion trip to Africa that their world got rocked and they knew they needed to do something different. They've got tons of Compassion information to look at and sponsor packets if you want to start that journey.

I'm not exaggerating. Come Together Trading Company is special. I so, so wish we had a place like it here. I would move in.

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