Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two graduations in one day

Here are the two punks that caused last Friday to be crazy, crazy. Okay, so maybe it isn't their fault that their graduations fell on the same day.

I asked Haley if she could ask Baylor to let her be the first to walk across, but she didn't think that would work. So, she was in the last school and one of the last to walk. YEA! Not.

The major storm that blew through Texas didn't help traffic on I-35. And the fact that we had to drive through Dallas during rush hour didn't help.

We barely pulled into the parking lot a tiny bit before 7 for Corinn's graduation. I would have been a bawling mass of blech if we had been late. Not only was Corinn walking, but also all my babies I taught as Freshmen.

I enjoyed President Garland's speech at the Baylor Commencement. Maybe I can find a copy to post. But, my mind went numb after the 285 thousand name was read before Haley's.

Scott's talk was excellent as always. Hearing him speak is always a joy. I'm glad the Seniors chose him for their speaker. And Mrs. Rice for Teacher of the Year. Both were great choices.

By the time we made it to Micah and Corinn's party my legs were rubber and my exhaustion complete. I told Debbie if she found me curled up somewhere in her house to not wake me up.

This is what one looks like after attending two graduations in two different cities two hours apart with storms, rush hour, and emotions thrown in.


Prior said...

lol, glad you lived through it! and you should be a very proud momma, with the great kids you have! Trent's party was good, too bad you didn't throw that in, too, on the same night! lol, Lezlee

Prior said...

Your projects sound great~ can't wait for you to join the partay! Lezlee