Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My cousin is having a party!

My cousin, Lezlee, is having a party over at her blog. She does a great job repurposing stuff into beautiful useful stuff. And she's asked others to show their stuff.

Okay, that's enough stuff.

So, the following are a few things that we've repurposed around here.

When my oldest was moving into a dorm room, we took cork trivets and turned them into tiny bulletin boards. Then she took another set and turned them into art.

Then, there's the cat I made awhile back. I like my cat a lot. It is the only kind of cat I can have. My husband and two of my kids are allergic to cats and my dogs would probably have heart attacks if a cat entered the scene.

Can you tell it's made with all found objects? That's a pop top thingy from a can for the mouth. The whiskers might be telephone wires. The Blue Jay feather is from our yard. The Texas rabies tag came from one of the dogs. A copper pipe forms the tail that is attached to an old Mexican vanilla bottle. I found a broken beer bottle in the park which became ears for the muchly abused baseball.


Prior said...

ok, this is great! I love having family at my party! This kitty is so purrfect! and love the words chosen for the cork boards! You need to add this link to my mclinky on my blog, so others can visit your post!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

cute kitty! I like the way you repurposed found objects into one Cool Cat!
I know that makes me sound old...but hip,right?

found you at your cousins place! Prior Lives