Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sitting down and talking with Chap Stique

My interview with Chap Stique is here. No, I do not call him that in real life. I think that would be just way too weird.

For those of you that aren't Chappy fans - the nickname comes from the fact that he is "addicted" to lip balm. I don't call him Chappy either.

And, once again, he is married.

This post led to the one about him being married.

Why did I feel the need to type all of the above? I have no idea.

I was very excited to find out he is involved with Blood:Water Mission and Free The Slaves.

Don't know if anyone's has noticed, but slavery and poverty really push my buttons.

So, I thank my friend for helping get the word out about two very heartbreaking issues and some ways people are trying to tackle the problems.

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