Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kathy Griffin

There's an email list that I'm on. Recently someone sent out a chain email about all the horrible things Kathy had said and how they would never again watch anything she is on. And, of course, people started responding. They called Kathy a female dog. They made fun of her looks. They trashed her completely and totally. This was done by people who claim very loudly to be Christians.

All I could think was that God loves her equally as much as He loves them.

Kathy isn't a Christian. She doesn't claim to be. So, why should anyone be surprised when she doesn't speak as they think a Christian should speak?

The bashing has bothered me for days. And, in the past, I would have responded to the hateful emails, but I learned the hard way that pointing out a different response or suggesting a different view is not tolerated. So, I'm venting on here.

John 13:34-35

Why stay on the list? Every now and then beauty does come through.


Prior said...

I don't watch or listen to anything she does anymore and don't want to be filled with stuff like that, because I know she's lost and it grieves me. I don't always do it, but I need show more what I believe in Christ and not dwell on what lost people believe! Speaking out for what I believe and loving the lost! Lezlee

Capri said...

I completely agree with you, and as a Christian, I'm so sick of other Christians passing on chain letters. So much so that I have a site for Christians breaking chain letters, and made my own comments about the Kathy Griffin chain and included a link to your post in it.

Seriously people, that was back in 2007, and it was just one Griffin blunder in bad taste. What do these chain forwarders think they're accomplishing by passing on this old stinky-shoe news? And making fun of her looks and calling her vulgar names, that's somehow less tasteless than what Kathy said? I don't think so! Jesus has been through much worse than an acid-tongued commedian accepting an Emmy and trying but failing to be funny about it. There are lots of people spouting anti-Christian backlash, and much of it actually is a result of receiving misguided religious chain letters. I'm sorry to say that right now Christians have one of the worst reputations online for spreading chain forwards, and far too many are choosing to stay silent rather than speak up about it even if they dislike it. But so many others actually think these fwds are tres cool, and they are not.

Capri said...

Same here, Lezlee, some people are determined to bash Christians, and until they grow up, I don't see any reason to waste time on them. Kathy sure messed up, but that's her problem. And there's something that people who pass on this chain letter may not even have thought of. She'd probably get a huge kick out of the controversy and that her remarks managed to make it into a viral of the sort she would probably love to join the Christophobe contingent in making fun of. Yet another reason not to pass on that chain letter.

nancy said...

Capri - my husband said almost the same thing in that the controversy is something desired. It brings publicity, keeps names in the media.

My whole beef is "Christians" saying terrible things about her and laughing at her instead of being Christlike.

And, passing on chain emails trashing someone is plain old wrong.

Capri said...

Yes. I mean, a personally written rant getting feelings off one's chest in a tasteful manner is one thing. But passing on chain letters, there's so much wrong with that, especially with the damage it has already done to Christianity's reputation on the net. And all out bashing anyone Encyclopedia Dramatica style is definitely wrong! I was on some social network briefly, where there was an interesting discussion about the climate change hoax. Unfortunately, it degenerated into an Obama-bash fest. I'm not an Obama-supporter, but neither will I put up with chain letter inspired ignorance and people calling his mother a "Kenyan swine" I yelled at them and stormed off the network in disgust.

I get seriously fed up with people who have nothing better to do than poke fun of somebody's looks. That is grade school stuff, and even in grade school, children are supposed to learn better.

I was on a creative-writing list which is no longer in existance, long story. But the owner wrote what is called Mary Sue, and she took a lot of flack via bashing by some flamers who eventually harassed her into taking down her site. But it turned out the flamers weren't the only ones obsessed with appearance, she was too. She was upset once at an Ebay oction item that featured a female character in her favorite anime series she was actually jealous of over the male character she crushed on. Sorry, but that's utterly pathetic to me. Anyway, she was upset because this Ebay item was a painting of her hated female character of the series who was painted with an ample figure. She went on and on about it. I couldn't believe my ears! She apologized when I spoke up about it. But by the same token, her flamers were upset with her for not making this character full enough. Gah, so it all came down to that!? They were all jealous of each other, all because they were in crush (I won't use the word love) with a cartoon guy.

I don't know why Christians would give Kathy a second thought after seeing her on TV, or why they're still passing that forward around and bashing her looks of all things. There's no excuse for it. It sounds like they'rre acting like that Mary Sue writer and her flamers, and that is pathetic.

More often than not. chain letters are false, and it bugs me to no end that people, especially Christians, blindly forward them without thinking.

nancy said...

Capri - I think we might have been separated at birth!

Capri said...

Hahahahahaha! I like that!