Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Brain is Scrambled

The headline isn't a big surprise for anyone that knows me. But, apparently Cornerstone, or the lack of sleep, really did a number on my brain.

I have been WAY off on keeping up with 40 Day Fast and for that I am deeply sorry. The few people who read this blog must think I have gone completely over the edge.

So, here is to truly catching up and being on the same page.

Today, (really, truly) we have the following participating in the 40 Day Fast:

The Fragrance of Sweetgrass sharing her heart about Compassion International in a post titled "How You Can Change The World".

Cross Driven Radio introduces (at least to me) Faith Ministry that reaches out in Mexico.

Read their blogs to learn more about this outreach programs and how you can be involved.
Pray for them today.
Pray for me, that my brain will completely unfuzz, or at least as much as it can.

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