Tuesday, August 7, 2007


i think i am to the point that i can write about this without crying. on August 1st i was decorating for Camp Tacky Tacky at church when i got the call that Aaron had had an accident at his mission project with Four Corners. August 1st was the first day of our new insurance so his medical release form wasn't up to date and i needed to take him the insurance card. Jumping into his car, Salsa Verde, i headed up to McKinney when the bottom fell out of the sky. Traffic on Central was almost at a standstill. we just crept along until we were in Allen and then we speeded up to about 50. a semi pulled into the middle lane and put on his brakes. i put on my brakes, but there was nothing. i hydroplaned into the back of the semi, bounced off, went sideways and was struck by a van. the van was able to slow down and was at an almost complete stop when he hit me. two off-duty EMTs from two different cities stopped almost immediately and jumped in to help. my head was pounding and i had a lot of pain between my shoulder blades and in my left shoulder.

i am so upset about Aaron's car. it was handed down to him from a friend. they had run out of family members to pass it down to, so Aaron was gifted with it. it is such a sweet little car. the driver seat doesn't match the rest of the interior. the right hubcaps don't match the left hubcaps. it could use a new paint job, but it has the sweetest clutch and shifts like a dream. i love Salsa Verde. my husband thinks it is totaled. i can't even look at it without wanting to cry.

this is the second wreck involving someone trying to get to Aaron. makes me wonder. as for Aaron's accident. he was playing Capture the Flag with the VBS kids and hit a water spigot. broke the spigot and ripped open his knee all the way to the bone. his stitches look like the stitches on a baseball. it is nasty.

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