Friday, July 20, 2007

22nd Wedding Anniversary

Today is the day that my husband, Phil, and I have been married 22 years. I guess it is a good thing we like each other. My mind is mush right now. We had planned to spend our evening the same way we did exactly one year ago tonight, however things didn't go quite as planned. It started out normal.

Dinner at Kelly's Eastside.
Walk around Historical Downtown Plano.
Make our way to the Fusion Cafe.
Settle in for Aaron and Jordan's concert.
Watch firetruck and ambulance go by.
During the intermission, talk to friends.
During conversation about a mission trip to Ecuador hear that Corinn's best friend has had a wreck on the way to the concert. Hence the firetruck and ambulance.
Take Corinn to hospital to be with KK.
Tell KK that Aaron and Jordan are not worth getting in a wreck over.
Ask KK if they found a brain when they did a catscan.
Watch KK struggle to get up to go potty.
Tell her that no one saw her pink undies as she walked through emergency.
Helped KK's mom get her into paper scrubs, cause her clothes had to be cut off.
Listened to nurse confirm a broken collarbone.
Said goodbye to KK, her mom and dad.
Came home and wrote this.

Darn, my anniversary is over by two minutes.

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