Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Action Day - The Power of We

There's a group of people in North Texas, all volunteers, that have taken a stand against domestic sex trafficking. They've been told on numerous occasions they accomplish more than heavily funded NGOs. Officials are very surprised when they learn there isn't any paid staff.

Traffick911 has proven over and over again in its short time of existence the Power of We. Individuals have joined together to fight a horror happening in their neighborhoods, often hidden just out of sight. Girls have been rescued and started down a healing path. Families have been stitched back together. Abusers have been arrested. Many sleepless nights have taken place. Many tears have been shed. Many prayers have been poured out. The battle against modern day slavery is not pretty or easy.

Someone donated Traffick911 property for a safe house. Triumph House will be a special haven for victims to heal. Operating and remodeling costs are being raised at this time. Traffick911 volunteers are constantly finding sex trafficking victims needing a safe place now, but there are no empty beds in the few safe houses in the US. Triumph House needs to be open NOW.

You can learn a lot of information about domestic sex trafficking on the Traffick911 website and you can also read this article that fell in my lap as I was writing this post.

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