Friday, November 11, 2011

I got a letter

I got a letter this week from one of my Compassion kids. It is delightful, as always. Eury is in 2nd grade and is learning about David and Goliath. He understands that David's strength came from God.

He also sent a drawing of his family. I think someone drew it for him and he colored it. The coloring skills and the drawing skills don't quite match up. But, I could be wrong. Maybe he is talented with a pencil and not so much with a crayon.

I didn't pick Eury out of a pile of Compassion packets. He came to me. The center that my first sponsored child was involved with closed. It was very sad, because I had chosen him. He "jumped" off the table at me. I watched him grow through the pictures I received. And then he was gone.

So, Compassion paired me with Eury. We are beginning to get to know each other. He's told me that his family is very well and united. He asks for prayer that God will protect them.

It makes my heart sing to get his and Gabby's letters. If you like your heart to sing, I highly recommend sponsoring a child or two.

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