Sunday, December 26, 2010

Grandmother names

I found out the other day that my kids were discussing what I needed to be called once I became a grandmother. Pretty sure that isn't going to happen anytime soon, but with the oldest daughter getting married soon it must have been on their minds.

I wanted my kids to call their grandmothers: Grandmother or Grandma
That's what we had called ours: Grandma Sapp and Grandma Killian
It worked for me and my siblings and cousins.

Our oldest daughter had other ideas. She insisted that one of her grandmothers be called Eyetsee.
She also called her best friend at the time Eyetsee.
It finally morphed into Icee and Hannah got called Hannah.
I like the uniqueness of Icee now, but it has to be explained a lot.

My mother chose to be called Grammy and it stuck. Plus you don't argue with my mom.

There is actually a site for choosing your Grandmother name. I was shocked, though I know not why. There are pictures of nativity scenes made out of frogs. Why should anything after that shock me?

I took a little quiz to find out which grandmother name is right for me. Not really sure I can trust it though. It said I was a sophisticated intellectual and that I have my own style that is impossible for others to imitate. If truth be told, I don't think there is anyone out there that wants to imitate my style. And I can hear my family laughing over the sophisticated intellectual part. Loudly. Hugh guffaws.

It said a good grandmother moniker for me would be Nana or Bebe. Bebe? Really? Isn't that a clothing store?

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Prior said...

I just wanted to be grandma...probably for the same reasons as you, ( a funny side story, ha ha...our family always has side stories... Ashlyn calls Suzette granna and the other grammie, I think...anyways she was so excited when she realized she actually had a grandmother...because that is what they call Edith Brown, lol.) We wanted to call William "Grumps", but it just didn't fit. He is not the least grumpy with those little girls! My kids always called me Mom...I called mine Mama or Mother...Anyway...Now I refer to myself as "GrandMama" sometimes...I like for it to stick. William is "grand daddy" which is what they called his dad. It seems so personal and sweet and the girls do say it, often...that and Jacob, which Josh just can't understand!