Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brownies for a crowd, or in this case, a wedding

I've been working on the reception food for the wedding. (I'm officially sick of truffles by the way and I need to make four more batches.)

I thought the bride had all the recipes picked out and I was waiting for her to get them to me. Then I found out that she wanted me to choose the recipes. So I've been researching.

(Very soon I will be officially sick of mini pies and cake balls.)

When this is all over I will have used 56 cage free eggs, 14 cups of butter, 10 1/2 cups of fair-trade cocoa, 28 cups of fair-trade sugar, 21 cups of white whole wheat flour, 14 teaspoons of salt and 21 teaspoons of vanilla. Just for the brownies.

(I'm thinking I will be officially sick of brownies in a few days.)

I've got truffle making down to a science.

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