Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Henry and Henry

This is Henry.
And this is Henry.

I don't have a problem keeping them apart. Some in my family find it confusing. They don't look anything alike to me. I can pretty much tell a dog from a human. I guess it's just a talent of mine. We had to tell Callie to stop calling the human Henry like a dog. She was using the same tone and pattern calling him that she uses calling dog Henry. I don't understand it.

Dog Henry is six and has had his name for over two years. The morning he was given to me I had the thought that if I ever got a Yorkie, I would name it Henry. Turns out, his name was already Henry. Dog Henry feels it is his duty to keep the squirrels out of our backyard. He is very serious about his job. When spying one he whines until he is let out the door, then he sails after it. Last week he finally discovered that they run up the trees. They don't just disappear. So he treed the squirrel. It was a pretty funny sight. The squirrel was twenty feet off the ground scolding away at him. I don't know what will happen if he ever has the misfortune of actually catching one. They're almost as big and he is and their teeth and claws are a lot sharper.

Human Henry is my adorable nephew. He doesn't have a hairy face. That helps me tell them apart. That, plus the fact that one is a dog and one is a human. Nephew Henry loves to jump on beds. Dog Henry isn't allowed to jump on beds. Nephew Henry is also a very messy eater, but we love him anyway. He takes after his father, my brother. We love James too. Or, at least we try.

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Dreama said...

Henry looks just like you and James! He's so cute!! I'm talking about Henry the boy, not the dog. Although he does have James' eyebrows, LOL!!!